Here is a recent gorgeous Lake Havasu Wedding at the Refuge Golf and Country Club.

Amazing Vendors that need mentioning: Venue – Refuge Golf and Country Club Photography - Jeff + Amber Floral – Interior Gardens Wedding Videography – The Big Pictures

There are so many great choices and options when it comes to the right type of coverage on your wedding day.  If you’ve opted to have a wedding video shot on your wedding day then we’ve found the vendor for you!  With over 250 wedding under their belt from all over the world husband and wife team from The Big Pictures is the BEST Choice for Wedding Videography!

This team not only captures all the natural events of your day and conceptualizes with you the shots and important moments that will take place, but their team will be ready even for the surprises!

Don’t opt for the old school style of videography, why not have your wedding captured cinematically.  With rolling shots, and movement that can’t be copied with hand held devices this investments is too good to pass up!  Take a look at a recent wedding video captured in Lake Havasu.

Here are some recent images of weddings that took place in Lake Havasu this year so far!  All images provided by Jeff Janke Photography ©. To contact this photographer call 310-272-6343 or email

This has to be my most favorite trend in weddings in the 9 years I’ve been a wedding photographer.  I’ve seen tons of them this year ranging from simple to intraket, and plain to multi colored.  My all time favorite so far as that of a recent bride of mine this past October.  I wanted to share her wedding photos as I just could not get over how well she pulled all the details together and really brought in a nice balance of femaninity and masculinity to all the details.

Please take a look through some of my favorites from their big day!

Amber Janke
Wedding Photographer


Amazing Vendors!

Photography: Jeff Janke Photography

Venue: The Refuge

Floral: Interior Gardens

Cake: Cake Appetit

Beverage: Mud Sharks


To locals it may seem strange, however it turns out Lake Havasu is a pretty common place for out of towners to get married in.  Jeff Janke Photography books around 40-50 weddings a year and about 50% of the wedding they cover locally are shot here in Lake Havasu.  Amoung those about 70% of the booking are couples who either travel here to Havasu for summer fun and love this “place” as their get away fav spot or other couples state Havasu as the place they always dream about relocating to one day.

With many exciting and valuble venues and talented florist, caterers, dj’s and more it makes sense, who wouldn’t want to get married at a gorgeous location and reap the amazing savings that Lake Havasu Wedding Vendors have to offer.  If you’re looking at Lake Havasu as your wedding destination please consider some of the following vendors who do outstanding work here and come highly reccommended.


Jeff Janke Photography

Serendipity Films

Refuge Golf and Country Club

Shugrues Restaurant and Brewery Group (4 restaurants to choose from)

Interior Gardens

Photbooth Rental

So with peak wedding season in full bloom here in Lake Havasu City we have been honored with some truly amazing photos from the last two weekends!  Beyond the tear jerking beauties in wedding gowns and the hansome grooms I’ve been so inspired by the beauty a local vendor has been creating.  Melanie of Interior Gardens is setting the bar way high here in small town Havasu and I think any bride would be more than pleased with her work.  We’ve been fortunate enough the past two weekends to have Melanie’s work displayed at the weddings and even better news….she’ll be flowering our wedding this weekend at The Refuge :)

Not only is her combinations completely unique but I’ve never seen such amazing displays from twigs and branches to glass vases the size of my three year old adorned with jewels and crystals.  She truly made these weddings have a fairy tale feel!  So here is my shout out to Interior Gardens, I hope we see much more of each other in the many weddings to come!

If you are looking for a fantastic & refreshing florist for your upcoming event I highly reccomend Melanie!

Interior Gardens
Melanie Burnett




Just found a fantastic post about wedding catering.  Check it out it is an absolute must if you are planning a Lake Havasu area wedding!

Weddings in the summerSummer time weddings can be a little stressful to say the least.  One thing to remember when planning a wedding in Lake Havasu during the hot hot summer months is plan to get ready somewhere you and your bridal party can stay cool.  Give yourself lots of room to get ready and plan to bring lots of water and snacks.  With nerves already running high in anticipation of one of the biggest days of your life you’ll be needing extra water and nutrition!  Have friends or a bridal party member be in charge of that responsibility as you already have  enough on your plate!

Some may not envision their wedding day taking place in the middle of the desert when they where younger, however have you ever noticed the true beauty the desert holds.  The immensely clear blue skies and warm summer nights.  Yes Lake Havasu is home to some of the warmest weather out west, however the cost and comparison to those of big city is worth the change.


I’ll never forget our first wedding in Lake Havasu 2007, I was 9 months pregnant and two days away from our due date.  My husband and I who are local wedding photographers had booked a wedding via online without ever meeting the couple.  This made sense since the couple resides in Canada!  This was a first for us as we where used to the normal meet and great experience  most photography teams go through where we site down, show our work, get to the know the happy couple, find out what they are looking for in our services, etc.  Jeff and I where a little on edge since we never got to meet them, however it’s not hard to spot a gorgeous bride in her white gown wondering around the London Bridge.

Shaye and Jared where this incredibly adorable and sweet couple with truly the coolest and most easy going wedding party I’ve ever met (and yes thats a plus)  everyone even their guests where so genuinely happy for this couple it was very refreshing and fantastic to see.  The couple had their ceremony and reception at The Refuge which is a newer Golf Course community in the North side of Lake Havasu.

If you’ve ever seen the Refuge than you can guess we as artists where completely thrilled at it’s beauty and the great backdrops it gave for some amazing portraits.  The wedding with off with a bang and was a amazing experience to be a part of.  The couple had their honeymoon night at The Heat Hotel which also has some fantastic photo spots especially the inside of the Inferno Suites ;)

With tons and tons of couples and weddings in Lake Havasu now behind our belt, we can truly say that in a small town with lots of wedding planned we never run out of ideas and inspiration!  So if you looking for a local or small town wedding we encourage you to choose Lake Havasu!

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